PTG PensionPro™

A New Standard in Public Employee Pension Management

The PensionPro™ software system evolved through direct collaboration between public employee pension administrators and a technology team with unrivaled experience delivering web-based pension administration systems for a wide variety of complex retirement plans.

The work resulted in a streamlined and cost-effective implementation methodology that has proven to be far more than the norm in the industry. PTG’s projects are typically completed within 8 to 14 months. With consultant-driven projects, it usually takes 24-48 months.

about ptg pension pro

PTG PensionPro™ was built from the ground up as a web-based application, with membership data security at the forefront of system design. Now, all of PTG’s clients run on the same core application, which offers a more effective means of protecting and maintaining the application.

PTG’s team manages all updates, upgrades, and backups for its clients, helping reduce the pension fund’s internal technology expenses. Membership data is protected 24/7, 365 days a year, by trained security professionals.

Benefits of the PTG Pension Pro™


What employee doesn’t appreciate ready access to the closest possible approximation of the income to expect during their retirement years? PTG PensionPro™ offers this feature.

Processing and validating member contributions is a cumbersome task that would greatly expedite the work of human resources staff during any given pay period. Let them see how PTG PensionPro™ can help.

Yes, processing retirement pay is also the responsibility of HR staff, so help their efforts with this PTG PensionPro™ feature. It also helps the retiree or their tax preparer by preparing the annual IRS 1099 form.

These PTG PensionPro™ features will surely benefit the many employees who have moved among both the public and private sectors during their careers. Buybacks, refunds, and rollovers are complex transactions, and many people could use some help with them.

Give your current and retired employees access to a dashboard with easy access to features that will help them plan for their retirement or budget for future retirement years—as the case may be.

In the 21st Century, it is common for employees to move from one company to another throughout their careers. Why not help them organize their retirement income streams with this exciting tool that is part of PTG PensionPro™?

Do you have more sophisticated tasks in mind for your clerical staff than manual data entry for records that already exist? Would you like them to be able to import the data needed for reports and other documents automatically? Then PTG PensionPro™ is the system for you (and them)!

The employees at PTG are 100% committed to providing web-based software solutions to public employee pension funds providing the most significant overall value for your fund’s membership. Ask us how we can help your organization!


If you want to make document delivery more efficient and timely, PTG PensionPro™ is your answer. Instead of waiting for even the speediest courier service to deliver, you can have the documents ready and sent in seconds.

Every business, public or private, should have detailed case studies ready for several possible uses. PTG PensionPro™ can put the data at your fingertips, so all you need to do is narrate the story.

The PTG PensionPro™ software package has a built-in “engine,” capable of combining various data sources, that quickly produces reports for multiple uses. How much time and effort could this save your organization?

Pension plan managers often need actuarial services to predict and plan for risk. The ability to bring these services in-house virtually is yet another time-saver provided by PTG PensionPro™.

We have all learned a few lessons recently about the importance of shoring up resources in case of unexpected work stoppages. Thus, more and more businesses have adopted business continuity software packages. Fortunately, this is already part of PTG PensionPro™.

This feature adds a great deal of functionality to PTG PensionPro™ by allowing users to customize its many existing features by integrating programs they already use for specialized functions.

With PTG PensionPro™, trained security professionals and analysts monitor the software and its protected data constantly to head off any possible security breaches before they occur. Only the best IT experts for this software program!

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