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PTG’s mission is to improve how public employee pension funds acquire, implement and utilize pension administration software solutions to better serve the needs of their membership.

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The employees at PTG are 100% committed to providing web-based software solutions to public employee pension funds providing the most significant overall value for your fund’s membership. Ask us how we can help your organization!

PTG PensionPro™

Fully functional and secure web-based pension administration software hosted by Rackspace with co-location servers that are protected 24/7/365 by the Rackspace Managed Security Division.

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The worst-kept secret behind PTG’s success is our employees and the vast experience they bring to our operation. Read about their many skills and accomplishments!

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Would you like to learn more about topics like employee pension plans and how they work? Our company’s current projects? Our blog articles provide in-depth information on these and many other subjects.

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